Welcome to the FTLO Travel Community

Meet your new travel crew!


With the continued goal of driving connection and inspiring community, we created a virtual space for members of the FTLO Travel community to meet, greet and interact with one another. Each member of this group has been vetted by our team and is someone you might meet on one of our trips.

Once you fill out your TRAVEL PROFILE, you will receive an access code to join our private community.


Use this space to follow certain trips, meet like-minded travelers, ask questions, join events, and receive relevant travel updates. This is also where you'll meet your future travel buddies if you're signed up for a trip! 

  • It’s Ours. As we build this community together, we have some great features that will help us in our mission of connecting new people with new places and new ideas. This community is designed with you in mind. 
  • It's About Connecting. From meeting fellow FTLO alums to your fellow group members on your upcoming trip. We have this space to share tips, answer questions, and get ready to travel again. 
  • It's About Sharing.  In this ever-changing world, we wanted to create a community of like-minded travelers to share the best tips, insights and knowledge from the world of travel. We can never stop talking about our favorite places so tell us about yours. 
  • It's Built For You. We made this community to better serve you. We want to make it easier to travel and see the world and meet awesome people along the way.